Eats & Drinks

Umbrealla Bar Franklin, WI

Umbrella Bar:

The Umbrella Bar features a tent-like umbrella structure with an open-air atmosphere and a spectacular 360 degree view of the Kokomo Jackrabbits Stadium & its beautiful grounds. Our Umbrella Bar truly has something for everyone: the best bar, a large outdoor brick patio with ample seating and fireplace, a variety of drinks, a fantastic view of our stadium & your choice of shade or sunshine! You will be calling The Umbrella Bar home in no time.

Porky's BBQ

Porky's BBQ:

We have exactly what your taste buds are looking for when it comes to BBQ.  Porky's is serving up Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Sliders & more.  Don't forget to add a side of homemade mac n' cheese and some cole slaw.

Brew City Grill


Our grill offers delicious food grilled to perfection that you will find no where else but here. We offer your amazing grilled burgers and cheeseburgers however our grill also takes it up a notch with some of our favorites such as: Mac the Dog, pulled pork sandwich, chicken & waffle sandwich, BLT Dog & more. Don’t forget to order a side of cheesy fries or homemade nachos with your meal!

DiMaggio's Stone Fire Pizza

DiMaggio’s will satisfy your taste for Italian fare.  Our homemade pizzas are cooked crispy in our stone deck oven.  Be sure to try one of our Italian sandwiches: Italian Beef or Chicken Parmigiana.

Sweet Tooth Treats

No soccer game is complete without a little something sweet.  From ice cream to candy to delicious root beer floats we have what you need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.